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Sustainable Printing


At Budget Printing we believe in protecting our Planet
We are committed to making the smallest footprint to our environment as possible. From using recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks to reducing printable waste and to recycle where ever possible. We have, and always will strive to search out the most environmentally safe products available to us in this industry.

What It Means To Print Sustainably
Sustainability is more than Thinking Green. It is about meeting the demands of the present while taking care that the resources we use today will be available tomorrow.

Sustainable Printing

Environmental Policy
Education. Budget Printing continues to educate our staff, suppliers and customers about our commitment to the environment and promote awareness and accountability on environmental issues. We will regularly review this policy to ensure it reflects the latest information and affords opportunities for us to exercise leadership in the development of environmental standards.

Fiber Sourcing, Paper Recovery & Recycling.
Budget Printing cares about our forests and the paper products made from our forests. It is our commitment - and our challenge - to promote sustainable forestry and recycling in order to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

We encourage our customers and the public to recycle paper.
Paper products are highly recyclable, and we recognize that recovered paper is an important raw material supply for the paper industry. Toward this end we recycle all of our paper waste, returned rack copies from our customers and also purchase recycled paper wherever possible.

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